Special Attention Comics!

Special Attention, Highly Recommended and Creator Favorites

note: all the comic links in here are special, and are highly recommended. They're either the favorite reads of the creators of TTG, or they've earned special recognition in other ways.

 - JJ and the Lounge are the first comic to ever link TTG, and this has earned it a permanent link here. The Lounge is a serial comic about a woman running a comic book/manga/lingerie shop, and has a great plotline with sexy chicks running rampant. Warning for nudity, language, and sexual situations, but still a darn good read.

 - Freefall is one of my favorite comics of all time. It's a sci-fi story of a bowman's wolf (part wolf, part human female) that gets inadvertently transferred to a ship run by a clueless thief and a robot. A very good plot and a comic I never fail to miss.

 - Gene Catlow is another of my favorites. Another anthro, and yes another serial comic. Start from the beginning, it's definitely worth the read.

 - Matt's all-time favorite comic. The artwork in Jack is good, the stories are very well thought out and brought to life splendidly, and the writer isn't afraid to tackle ANY subject. Be warned... it is NOT a joke-a-day comic, and if things like sex, rape and murder offend you, you will not like this comic. If you can look past some of the subject matter to the full story underneath, you'll find a very immersive comic that tells you stories like you want them told. Warnings for nudity, sex, murder, rape, language... you name it, it's been in here.

 - Schlock Mercenary is a sci-fi serial that has run for a long span of time... and is VERY well worth the read from the very beginning. Another of my favorites, you just have to read it to see what I mean.

 - Ursula was nominated for the 2005 Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards (WCCA) for like three different categories, and she opened her archives on Graphic Smash to let people read the full archives during the voting. She ended up winning for Outstanding Black and White Artwork for 2005, but it's a darn good comic in its own right even BEYOND the artwork.