Misc/Adult Links

Please note that the links below might containadult content, sexual situations, harsh language
or any combination of the three.  You've been warned.

 - A pretty funny comic that centers around the life and times of CJ, resident lesbian, and the many assorted things that live with her (gods, adorable doggies, etc)

Go for it -Probably the most bitter, acidic, and funny comic I've read to date. 

JunkRiot - modern-day story about the live and times of good friends.  Has one of the most tender love scenes I've seen.  Based on that, don't think I have to tell ya about the warnings for sexual content, huh?  :)  *note*  Comic has now ended, but still go read it from the beginning.  One of the few comics that has actually told a FULL story.

Treading Ground - A pretty interesting story about the life and times in an apartment complex and the underage, hawt redhead that's stalking one of its inhabitants.

One Liners - I found One Liners by rummaging through Treading Ground's forums.  Bitterly sarcastic and in your face, but quite amusing. 

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