Keenspace/ComicGenesis Comics!

Keenspace Comics

Beyond Reality - One of the first Keen comics I picked up after we made the transition over to Keen, and a very solid read.  It's recently taken a twist in the plot line that I'm very interested in, so I'm excited to see where it goes from here.

The Foxfire Chronicles -Found this one the other day, and so far I really like it.  The plotline's an interesting one, definitely enough to keep me reading so far, and the artwork's quite good.  Yes, 'tis a furry strip, but it's not like 90% of the furries out there. 

Ugly Girl -Stick figure artwork hides the fact that you have a pretty interesting comic about high school.  Still gearing up, but I'm already hooked on it.

MindMistress -One of the few "superhero" comics I read, this has a really great storyline and plot going, even if it does go down the campy superhero route from time to time.  Don't let some of the earlier scratchy artwork fool you.. this is a great story.

The Prime of Ambition - an interesting serial, though it's short so far.  Artwork is pretty well done, and it will be interesting to see where the creators take it from here. 

The End of Things - one of the first comics I picked up when we joined ComicGenesis, and darn it all... I forgot to link to it until just now.  *sob*  Great comic.  Warning for language.

Parallel Dementia - Parallel Dementia has a very interesting plot to it so far, and Bean's coloring is just fabulous.  Warning for violence and language.

Fortune's Fools - from their header: There are epic medieval tales of heroism, chivalry and love undying... this is not one of them.  Just started up, but the artwork's great and it's quite humorous.

Metrophor - Quite an interesting comic so far.  The part where one of the characters goes into the mind of a construct is fabulous.

Minions for Hire - another comic where the main characters are evil.  I'm liking this one so far.

Atavism - Ah, Cope.  With as much as I torture him in chat and on the forums, how could I not link to his comic?  Of course, he doesn't have any LINK BUTTONS I *could* use to link to him, so he's going to have to just deal with a text link... edit: ok, fine, he provided an image.  I'm not changing his description.  :D  Just go read the comic, it's good.

Emergency Exit - NJ is going to be drawing SuperFreaks, which starts up Jan 07, 07, and it took me a bit to get through her archives, but I did.  Go give er a read.  :)