Gaming Comics!

Gaming Comics

 - if you've EVER played D&D, you have to read Nodwick. We've all had henchmen, but no one ever thought twice about them before this. If you've had any fantasy gaming in your background, go and read. Now. I COMMAND you.

 -Good lord. This comic started funny, and has just gotten better. It's a gaming comic, of course, and to warn you now... language is what you'd find at college, so be warned ahead of time. I really enjoy this particular comic. Warnings for language.

 -another gaming comic, and another artist who's made quite a name for himself in the online world. It's a good mix between joke-a-day and serial comic, and well worth the read. Plus, it has a troll by the name of Skull as a character... you can't go wrong with a blue innocent idiot by the name of Skull.

 -Video Game cats. Cats that, basically, live within video games. A pretty funny comic, though you sometimes need to understand what game they're talking about to get the joke. Warning for language.