Funny Comics!

Comedic comics

 -Least I Could Do is a pretty funny strip, daily for the most part. One man, so many women to sleep with... there's actually a pretty good story in there about friendship, once you get past the jokes about sex.  Oh, and occasionally the main character dreams he's in movies/cartoons.  The GIJoe part alone is worth it.

 -a great daily comic detailing the life of a wolf married to a rabbit in a world where it's beast eat beast. This comic has an air of innocence to it, ironically enough, and it's a darn good comic to boot.

 -a comic based very loosely on the artist's real life. It's a good read,and a good mix between joke-a-day and serial that I appreciate. It's a gaming comic for the most part, so if you don't like that sort of thing it likely won't appeal to you.