Serial Comics!

Serial Comics

GPF-Yes, I'm a faultie. GPF is mostly geek humor mixed in with an extremely immersive storyline that sometimes takes months to bring to full closure. A definite read, especially from the beginning.

CRFH!!! -College Roomies from Hell... what DOESN'T this strip have?!? You have college kids that are also mutated along the way. You have sex, intrigue, comedy and long plot lines. The artwork is good and it updates quite often. A definite read, though again it might serve you well to start WAY back at the beginning... her artwork has changed quite a lot since it's humble beginnings.

Funny Farm -Funny Farm is a mix between a daily joke comic and longer storylines.  This comic revolves around the lives of anthro people living in the real world. A good comic, though again I recommend starting at the beginning.

Oriyan -Oriyan is a relatively new serial that follows the exploits of a murderer-gone-soft (magic'll do that to you if you let it) and an elvin thief. I've been enjoying the story in it, though it still has some way to go before it gets into the full meat of the story. It's just about there at the time of this writing, though, so never know...

Poisoned Minds -Poisoned Minds is an interesting comic, it's kind of a mix of sci-fi and modern day life in jolly ol' England. The plotline has been interesting enough to hold my attention for a while, and I do recommend it. Warning for nudity and language.

 -Sabrina Online is a once-a-month only comic, so it's not one I follow regularly... just once a month. Life as a computer programmer is hard enough, but when you have to take a job as a graphic designer at a porn studio and you're quite prudish, life can get very interesting indeed.

 -The Suburban Jungle is another anthro comic, with the beast-eat-beast mentality that's fairly common among anthro comics... but a darn good story to it to boot to push it over the edge.

 -she's cute, she's REALLY short, and she speaks a strange language.I've recently picked Wapsi Square up and really enjoy the storyline to it,though it still has a bit of a way to go before it catches my full interest.

 -Namir Deiter... I can't pronounce the name. I really can't. But it's a good anthro comic with some of the most realistic characters I've seen,personality-wise. Well, as realistic as a rabbit, some cats, and a raccoon can be, I guess.

 -Stick figure D&D adventurers on their way to fame, glory and a good time.  However, the stick art is some of the best I've ever seen,and it's absolutely hilarious.  Go read, I promise you won't be sorry.

 - someone Matt knew from Elfwood (Bifrost Fantasy as well, come to think of it), he stumbled upon her comic again during the WCCA award rounds.  BEAUTIFUL artwork here and a good story to boot.  Plus, one of the main characters was a US Marine.  OOO-Rah!

 - KAZ is the webmaven for Return of Exile, right above this line here.  Wandered over to her own comic, and it's darn good in its own right! 

 - HOLY crap, this comic is just COOL.  Nominated and won an award or two in the WCCA's, and man... it's one sweet comic. 

 - 1920's moonshining operations, complete with period cars, weaponry... and cats.  This is probably the most unique comic I've ever seen, and the artwork is incredible.

WorldBreak - Love the artwork in this one.  Comic's still on the first chapter, so jump in now before the story's gotten too far.