Cornstalker Comics!

Cornstalker Comics

Tales of Pylea - Matt's second comic on Comicgenesis, this time drawn by the highly talented Humbug.  Matt would like to go on record as saying that he's *NOT* just collecting artists, contrary to popular belief... and any rumors about taking over the internet and ruling with an iron fist are completely untrue.

Legostar Galactica -I never thought I'd see the day, but I now read a comic that's nothing more than a very well done Lego set.  The plot line in Legostar Galactica is actually very addictive, and though there's often inclinations toward the gag comic, this is definitely a serial comic that's well worth the read. 

Angry Monkey -heh.  Angry Monkey.  Join the Ton love.  You know you must.  There is no choice.  Free your inner monkey and visit.  Warning for language. 

Darken -Another new one to my list, this serial is just about as pure D&D as you can get.  The creator tells me that it's taken directly from a campaign, and I wish I'd been included, because it looks like it was a *LOT* of fun.  And considering how influenced TTG is from D&D, well... :p 

Cortland -A rather interesting comic that's part geek fantasy and part office humor.  One impressive part of this comic is how it's run daily.  Personally, he's got the one character I love to of his guys strongly resembles a character from DBZ, and the mere fact that he gets his dragonball z knocked out amused me to no end.  Yes, pun is intentional. 

Reckless Youth -Claude gave us our first fan art, and his comic is... well, you have to read it to believe it.  Definitely a bit off-the-wall, but I read it faithfully.

Oops, Nevermind - She's from the future.  She's human, or so she claims... and has a dragon-thing for a pet (don't get its spittle on you, you'll hallucinate for quite some time) and a dual-eared bunny.  Very good comic so far, and can't wait to see where it goes.

The Curious Adventures of Aldus Maycombe - without question, my longest titled comic link in here.  Just starting out, but looks fantastic... even if the main character bears a striking resemblance to Harry Potter...

Astorauth - a friend from Cornstalker, yet another fantasy epic in the same general lines as TTG.  :) 

 - Ah, Elf Only Inn... great comic, has been around quite a long time, though it went on hiatus for a while.  It has come back recently with a more updated lineup and storylines, and the comic RAWKS now.  Plus, Sortelli is a good man.  Go read, it's worth it.