Dottiar hails from the human city of Tir-Ron, though he himself is a gnome. Orphaned as a child when his merchant family was slaughtered by a marauding pack of ogres, Dottiar was taken into the Temple of the Goddess of Life. He thrived under their tutelage, but found the way of the priest was not his preference.

His skills began to develop naturally into sorcery, with a strong focus in illusionary magics. A longtime friend, Tobec, also taught him some rudimentary thieving skills, just enough to get into trouble ... and not enough to turn around and get OUT of trouble! The life of a thief just wasn't suited to Dottiar, anyway, he much preferred reading about ancient artifacts by candlelight over tramping around in the middle of the night.

Dottiar is fairly proficient at magic and now that he's summoned his familiar, a tiny creature named Imp, he's developed some strong focuses into fire magic as well. Dottiar is no coward, though the gnome would rather prefer to not be gallivanting across the countryside looking for adventure. Only Lizelle's presence keeps him adventuring because they've been friends since the moment Dottiar arrived at the temple. Where she goes, Dottiar follows to protect her whether she needs him or not.


Lizelle was born and raised at the Temple of the Goddess of Life, born to human parents that both served the Goddess of Life and her Temple throught their tragically short lives. Naturally inclined to study the way of the priestess, Lizelle showed extraordinary talent for healing magics early on. With her exceptional contact with the Goddess of Life, Lizelle is perhaps the most powerful priestess to walk the land.

And walk the land she does, for not only does she believe in going out and helping those in need, but she has an adventurer's soul. Never content to remain behind the temple walls, she convinced her childhood friend Dottiar to travel with her, albiet reluctantly. Aroni had traveled with her parents extensively, and she contacted him to see if he would travel with her, to which he readily agreed.


Aroni is a half elf, graced with some of the exceptional agility of his elvin mother and the physical build of his human father. A ranger and mercenary by trade, Aroni is most comfortable in the woodlands outside the human city of Tir-Ron. Aroni is atypical of his kind, however, in that he enjoys human contact as much as he enjoys the solitude of the wildlands.

Aroni had protected Lizelle's parents on their journies in the past, and readily agreed to accompany Lizelle when she asked him to do the same for her. Aroni is proficient in a multitude of weaponry, though he prefers the longsword he's had for many years. He is also a natural leader, and the others quickly look to him for their leadership.


How best to describe Imp? Let's see ... she's two parts ultimate chaos, a good mix of fire elemental, six pinches of true mischief and a good heart all rolled into one little body. Imp is Dottiar's familiar, summoned from some fiery plane when his summoning spell got interrupted. She only stands a few inches tall, but she's totally invulnerable and packs a whopper of a mallet.

Coming from a plane of fire, Imp has an extreme liking for fiery substances of all sorts. It is not uncommon for her to be napping IN the campfire or trying to make friends with a dragon. She transfers some of this control to Dottiar, though the full effects that she benefits him is currently unknown. She is completely smitten with Aroni, though the half elf ignores her as best he can.

The rest of the party tolerates her well enough, allowing her to rest on a shoulder or head when they're riding or moving fast. Imp has wings that function much like a hummingbird's, but sometimes it's just impossible for the tiny thing to keep up with the big creatures she's decided to call her own. And yes, the horns on her head are fake. She wasn't evil enough to rate full horns. Yet.


Hailing from the southern barbaric lands, Sven arrived in Tir-Ron with his twin sister Svein not long before Lizelle asked Aroni for help with a particularly difficult mission. Sven had traved with Aroni during the half elf's travels in the southern lands, and wanted to bring his sister to him for some assistance with her own journey. The fact that it killed two birds with one stone made the big man very happy, and now Sven accompanies them for as long as they want him there.

Sven is physically the strongest member of the group, and is extremely effective with the two-handed maul that he uses. Sven absolutely detests undead, and will go out of his way to destroy any he finds. He's more prone to slip into a berserker rage, during which his strength is without match. Sven, however, is also not the brightest member of the party, and has a lot to learn of the way of tact. He will speak his mind, and it will always be his direct and honest opinion. Sven sees no point in lying, as he can't craft a good story to tell for the lie anyway.

Sven is the only member of this group that is married. Waiting for him back home in the barbarian lands is his wife Lidia. They have three kids, all spry girls that are rapidly approaching the age where they'll begin to learn the ways of warfare. Sven did not want to leave them behind, but he was not going to let Svein go on her lifemate quest unescourted.


Also hailing from the southern barbaric lands, Svein arrived in Tir-Ron at Sven's prodding. He'd worked with the half elf ranger Aroni before, and promised that he would be more than happy to assist her in her lifemate quest. Aroni did agree, on the condition that the human and gnome that had just asked him first be allowed to accompany them, as well.

Slightly shorter and lighter than her brother, Svein is still quite strong, easily the second strongest person in the party. She is quicker and more nimble than her brother, and though she prefers the large axe that was passed down to her by her mother, she is skilled at using the twin pickaxes that she keeps strapped to her back.

Svein is currently on a lifemate quest. She must travel to distant lands and bring back proof that she visited the lands and did some form of good while there. Only when she's done so can she return to the man waiting for her back home, a stout man by the name of Byren.


Tobec is a rather questionable character that was picked up from Tir-Ron almost as an afterthought - and quite reluctantly, at that. Almost immediately, problems began to arise between him and Aroni, especially because Tobec considered that all women in the party were HIS. A self-centered jerk to say the least, Tobec's sole redeeming grace is that he is a damn good thief and can get into places few others can.

Tobec's main concerns all revolve around himself. How much money can he make, how many women can he have, and what is in it for him. One day, perhaps soon, it will be his undoing.

More to come soon...

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