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Matthew "Ed the Editor" Summers

About me, eh? Well, let's see... my shoe size is... wait, you don't care about that. I've been writing off and on since I was about thirteen or fourteen, and have only within the past four years taken up writing on any sort of serious note. Hopefully I'll one day have good news to post on the main page about publication prospects for one of my books. :D :D :D

I write in just about every genre you can think of, fantasy, sci-fi,horror... I love writing short stories based on other people's drawings, which is where this whole project itself came from. I wrote a story for one of Michelle's pictures, she later asked me if I wanted to think about doing a webcomic for it... and if you know me, getting anything percolating in my little head is a VERY dangerous prospect.

I'm also involved in a few other projects besides this one. Patchwork is another comic I write for, drawn by Anke. I'm the head Wyverns Library Moderator for Elfwood. I'm a network administrator, married,and have three children, only one of which isn't furry. Anything else about me likely isn't very interesting, so I'll hush up now.


Also, Matt has a fairly unique forum avatar that he uses constantly which has generated some fanart of its own. To see Ed(his muse and avatar personality) in all his otherworldly glory, click HERE.

Michelle "Dragonmajik" Zastrow

If I wasn't already a little crazy and a workaholic, I think the decision to do a webcomic would have pushed me over the edge. As is, I'm generally peachy keen with my lot in life. I like to be busy, whether it's drawing, writing, playing my viola, or mindlessly wandering the Internet for something entertaining. To support my habits, I work for the mutual fund industry.

I met Matt through Elfwood when we were both moderators on that site.  He asked me some time in September 2004 if he could write a short story based on one of my paintings, and after I read the three-page story I found myself inspired to draw a few of the other characters. Come December, I had 10 illustrations of all the major players, a script many times longer than the original story, and a few hundred new files devouring space on my hard disk - rough drafts for pages, covers, web graphics, and everything else. The comic itself will be a perpetual work-in-progress, and I look forward to sharing our new world with readers.



Each page of the comic is drawn in pencil on 11 x 17 inch sketch paper with a 10 x 15 inch border - the same measurements of those BlueLine Propre-measured paper, if you're familiar with it. Everything is set out in pencil first, and when I'm finished with the pencil drawings I transfer the outlines to smaller pieces of bristol board. Each panel is inked and then scanned to my computer.

From there, the scanned panels are spliced together and tweaked Photoshop CS. The size of the document matches my sketch paper. Yes, it IS quite the memory hog at that size, but if it ever goes to print... Once I'm done adjusting the scanned ink drawings, I paint the panels on one layer in Photoshop.Several hours later I call it finished, the file is reduced to a web-friendly size, text it added, and I joyfully upload a new page.

The font used for caption and dialogue text is called Web Letterer BB;for magical words, I use the font Wizard Speak with some layer affects applied to it. Both of these fonts can be found at Blambot along with a lot of other fun comic-ish and special effect fonts. Sound effects and the sort are hand picked from the hundreds of fonts I have,whatever I feel suits the noise.

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