Stalking Evil : Forward and information about the story.

Forward from the author:

You know, when I first started writing Stalking Evil (from the forums,found here),I wrote it simply to gain some practice with evil scenarios; evil creatures, horror settings, that sort of thing. I also wrote it because Cortland told me that all new forums required a gift of fan art to him;knowing Michelle's schedule was quite full (and the fact that I will always refuse to volunteer Michelle to draw anything for anyone just out of principal), I decided instead to offer him this fan fiction.However, it quickly grew far and beyond the original intent, and now it's come full circle into a completely different beast entirely.

Stalking Evil is, at its essence, a type of fan fiction. However,instead of writing about each person's comic and making my ownscenarios for their comic worlds, I instead pulled their charactersforcibly from their worlds and into one of my own choosing, forcingthem to adapt and thrive in this new setting.

It really started taking hold once some of the people whose characterswere involved in the fan fiction started fleshing out scenes with their characters themselves, really enhancing the overall feel of the entire piece. It was a heck of a lot of fun to write, and I'd like to thank everyone that eventually became involved in it.

I'd also like to mention that this entire story is, for the most part,unedited and as-is exactly how it was on the forums. I did not write any of my parts with any sort of publication in mind; this was,and still is, entirely just for fun. Any spelling errors,grammatical errors, plot holes, and other such things that you find...don't bother pointing them out, because I'm not too concerned with them. Also, be warned that language and violence will be present. You've been warned.


Good crew
Net (writer's forum personality), Cortland (from Cortland),K-Dawg (from Angry D. Monkey), Komiyan (from Darken), TLH(forum personality of the creator of Twice Destined), CJ (from Burgundy Comics, Inc), War (forum personality of the creator of DigitalWar), Spriteville (forum personality of the creator of Spriteville,USA), Tdot (from ElvenBaath), and Mayhem (forum personality from Korsil Webcomic Reviews).

Evil crew
Sihodael (evil demon creature in charge), Lego (forum personality of the creator of LegoStar Galactica comic), Grim (forum personality of the creator of Grim Tidings), Bob (forum personality of the creator of Star Bored), Claude (from Reckless Youth), Laurel (from Pimpette and Associates), RA (from here), Tynan (forum personality of the creator of Orbvs comic),and Orangenius (from Freedom Fries).

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