StalkingEvil : Page 71-80.

“Don’t use that kind of language in my lab, Peon!” Lego’s voice came from elsewhere.

“Eh, sorry boss!” Claude looked around, keeping the necklace and machine close to his chest in case Lego materialised again. When he didn’t, Claude pulled the machine out again and hit one of the nine buttons with the recognisable “power” symbol on it. It blipped into life, the screen went white briefly before a picture was clearly visible. What Claude was looking at now were the stalkers. He’d only been told about them but they matched the descriptions. “That would be Cortland,” he poked his finger at the large man with the beard on the screen. “Then that would be War…” he poked at the other figure on screen, wearing a plaid shirt. “Not completely what I pictured, but there you go… This must be one of Lego’s prototypes before the spiders…”

It took Claude a few moments to figure out that they were looking at other dimensions. A few more to decide that he should really tell someone about this. It must have been somewhere between these moments when he decided he wouldn’t, feeling that he should be allowed cool gadgets if all Bob did with his was break them, and that if it came into the masters’ knowledge it would be bye-bye TV thing and bye-bye awesome necklace. He twiddled one of the dials and amused himself greatly looking over what the other stalkers were doing.

Footsteps awoke him from his TV junky state and he tucked the machine into one of the less shadow-gunked pockets in his jacket, grabbing his hammer at the same time. Then he set off for his private quarters. His new toy would be safe there; no one ever came looking for him in his room. Well, no one except RA. With any luck, she wasn’t around.

End RYClaude

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