Matt's writing page

Assembled below will be some of Matt's writing.  We hope you enjoy!!!
Please note that Sorcerer's Child and Mutant Policies are COMPLETED novels, and only
the first few chapters will be posted.  These are novels that he is trying to get published,
so if anyone has any contacts in the pulication industry, any assistance to get through
all the red tape would be greatly appreciated!!!

Diary of Evil   - a comedic look at the creation of the ultimate evil.. and his thoughts as recorded in his diary.  Short story, complete.

Sorcerer's Child  - Complete novel, cowritten by JanaLee Stocks.  Part one of a three part series, a fantasy novel where sorcerers are killed at birth... yet one is allowed to survive.  This child will be the one to change the world... a world kept in thrall by an evil spell.   Joined by the very huntress that was sent to kill him, this sorcerer meets the challenge head on... with almost deadly consequences.

Mutant Policies  - Complete novel (though unedited as of yet), cowritten by JanaLee Stocks.  Standalone novel.  Gifted people working for the US Government must try to keep a gifted healer from falling into the wrong hands, and their top operative realizes that there's more to this healer than orginally thought... perhaps a way to topple the very people looking for her in the first place.

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